Queer Skate PDX is a community organization in Portland dedicated to fostering a queer friendly skating community that includes quad skaters, inline skaters, and skateboarders. They needed a consistent brand identity that reflected their core values: anti-racist, queer, intentional, creative, alternative, non-hierarchical, scrappy, for "tough softies." Working as a team with my classmate Isabella Medina, we pitched a brand direction centered around a dynamic logo of a skating rainbow. We suggested the creation of a library of graphic elements to make social media management easy and consistent across users, apps, and devices. 
Download a pdf of the Queer Skate PDX Brand Directions Pitch Deck here.
Download a pdf of the Queer Skate PDX Brand Guidelines here.
Isabella and I were very grateful to be chosen to present to the Queer Skate PDX representative. It was excellent experience in pitching a brand direction, and although our package was not ultimately chosen by the client, we appreciated the opportunity and the feedback we received. 
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