Hi! Thanks for coming to see me at PSUGD's FRESH SLATE! I'm a designer and illustrator, single parent, cancer survivor, knowledge junkie, and maximalist. 
I'm passionate about design thinking processes, problem solving, accessibility, neurodiversity, social justice, and collaboration. I thrive at every stage of product design, and would love to join an in-house UX team here in Portland, or work with a local agency on digital or brand systems. I'm also open to hybrid and fully remote positions.  
If you snagged a sticker sheet from me, you might have guessed that most of the stickers represent my projects over the last few years, from product design to brand identity, information design, illustration, hand lettering, and web design.
Here's some info about each of the featured projects:
Lit. (short for literature), later rebranded as Spectrum, is a monthly book subscription service which researches, curates, and delivers books by BIPOC and/or LGBTQIA+ authors based on the user’s genre, topic, and content preferences. I designed the entire product, including research, strategy, user testing, ideation, wireframing, and prototyping. The project overview includes links to working Figma prototypes along with hi-fidelity comps and a style guide. The brand guidelines for Lit. can be downloaded here.
Google Chat is a cross-platform chat app for direct messages, group chats, work spaces, and video calls. For this Interaction Design class project, I added features to make media sharing from the app intuitive and easy. Google has since added to Chat most of the improvements presented in my project, but Chat still lacks the ability to swipe between images in the chat history.
The Red Queen series consists of 10 illustrations in various digital and physical media covering a wide range of genres and styles, all with the theme of a red queen chess piece. 
This particular illustration was drawn in Procreate and is inspired by the video game Monument Valley.

Title: "You Can't Just Put a Fibonacci Spiral on Top of Whatever the F*ck You Want"

Semiosis is a term for the transfer of meaning between a sign and reader. 
When a symbol or sign triggers an association with another sign, which in turn triggers another, and so on, this chain of associations is called "unlimited semiosis." 
This digital collage features a 12 symbol chain: flower > butterfly > caterpillar > millipede > nautilus > hermit crab > crabs in general > the constellation Cancer > the sun > solar system >spiral galaxy > Fibonacci spiral
A print-quality PDF can be downloaded here.
For the last 3 years I've participated in an Instagram challenge called 36 Days of Type where every day is a prompt to create a single letterform (A–Z) or number (0–9).
This digital composition is "C is for Cyberpunk" and was created in 2021.
For my second year of 36 Days of Type I did copperplate-inspired digital calligraphy using a watercolor lettering brush in Procreate. K is for Kate, of course ^_^
For my Senior Thesis I spent ten weeks researching, planning, and writing a project prospectus; followed by ten weeks of illustration, web design, and animation, to launch dysfunction.fun
The goal was to create a friendly, interactive, educational experience which would teach others about Executive Dysfunction, and promote empathy and understanding for those living with what is generally an invisible disability.
Season 1 of Stranger Things takes place during the late fall of 1983, in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana. Eleven is a 12 year old girl with supernatural powers who escapes from Hawkins National Laboratory. 
For my Information Design class, I created a detailed infographic tracking Eleven over the season’s eight episodes, including important plot points, the number of times her nose bleeds, the number and frequency of words she says (per episode), and how her appearance changes over time.
A print-quality PDF can be downloaded here.
Thanks for taking the time to check out my work! You can download a pdf of my cover letter and resume here. If you have any questions, feedback, job leads, or just want to chat, I'd be delighted to hear from you.
Thanks for saying hi!
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