In branding the city of Sedona, Arizona, the objective was to visually represent the intersection of ancient culture and modern spirituality. The use of bold typography, colorful photography, and distinctive iconography invites visitors to find their path by centering, refreshing, and recharging.
Sedona offers a unique Southwestern experience, combining stunning natural rock formations with Native American culture, rugged Wild West traditions, and modern spiritual practices to appeal to travelers on journeys of self-exploration and enlightenment.
Sedona is famous for the majestic red rock formations which surround the town, creating a gorgeous panorama of crimson buttes, spires, and mesas. The top of the emblem logo is an S stylized to represent the rock formations.
Sedona is home to a number of vortexes, said to be places where the earth feels alive with energy. Many travelers report feeling refreshed, centered, and uplifted after visiting a vortex. The bottom of the emblem is a spiral, representing both the swirling energy of the vortexes and a path of self-exploration.
The “Find Your Path” app allows visitors to browse through Sedona's many attractions and activities, and to book a tour from inside the app, making it simple and fun to discover everything this vibrant city has to offer.
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